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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Pressure tank, Horizontal Pressure Tank,Reverse Osmosis Tank,Solar Water Heater Tank in India

Varem pressurized water and expansion offered by BDS Engineering. Varem which is a brand name of Italy are in the water and heating field for more than 25 years, a leading organization for manufacturing water expansion and pressurized tank along with manufacturer of rubber membranes. Produce high quality of products with greater efficiency. BDS Engineering a well known trading company which export, import and supply Varem tank and rubber bladder.

 Pressure tank

Varem Tanks used in:

  • Hydro pneumatic systems
  • Commercial water distribution systems
  • Solar heating systems
  • Mineral/RO plants
  • Home water pressure boosting systems
  • PLUSVAREM for high-pressure systems
  • INTERVAREM for water booster systems.
  • MAXIVAREM for booster systems.
  • MAXIMATIC-SN for industrial heating systems.


  • Equal water pressure in entire system
  • pressure range in between as high as 10 to 16 bar
  • 12 months warranty
  • Widely used to withstand water hammer in pressurized systems.
  • Tanks made-up of steel 
  • Requires very little/zero maintenance.
  • Made by FDA and NSF approved materials
  • The water only comes into contact with the membrane, therefore eliminating the possibility of corrosion.
  • The membrane is easy to replace.
  • Suitable for usage in drinking water systems, which use Reverse Osmosis technology.
  • The membrane which does not rub against tank wall will have longer life


VAREM Water Storage Tanks are built tough to last. As a result, they’ve long been known as the world’s most reliable Pressure tanks. Our tanks are individually tested, making them extremely safe. They’re designed to meet the most demanding specifications for potable water. No one offers a broader line of tanks than we do. So, when you’re looking for a Pressure tank for a specific application, you can be sure we’ll have it for you.
The deeper you look, the better we look.

If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us or e-mail us.

Looking forward to your valuable support.

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Shashi Kant Paprunia
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