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Accessories- BDS Engineering offered esteemed quality with high performance products; provide range of water pump with pumping equipment in India. Like Pressure switch, Bladder, connector and many more.

Varem Water Tank

  •   For Reverse Osmosis and filtration systems
  •  For solar energy systems
  •  For high-pressure systems
  • For water booster systems
  •  For booster systems

Bladders for pressure tanks

Float Switches-
The float switch is application in all those cases where it is necessary to control the level of non-aggressive liquids, both in civil and industrial facilities (wells, cisterns, cesspools, sewers)  . 

Pressure switches
The switch controls the pump working automatically and makes it work between the minimum and maximum setting values: at the minimum setting value, the electric contacts close and start the motor; at the maximum value, they open and stop the motor.

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