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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dealer and Supplier of Booster Pump : Improve Water Pressure


Choose a high quality booster pump from BDS Engineering for extreme pumping needs in commercial or industrial markets. We offer well-organized pumps that will give low pressure at high heads that are built to last and designed for nonstop operation devoid of damage to the motor or other parts of the system. We can help you choose a best pump, or sewage pump with water treatment accessories at best packaged for your unique needs.

Single-stage booster pumps are used in private residences or other buildings that are far from the municipal water supply, or where water pressure at the building is not enough. Multi-stage booster pump are often used to boost water supply in hilly areas, for both commercial, and residential uses. They’re also essential in tall buildings. 

Our booster pump lines include


Booster pump is a type of centrifugal pump used to boost the pressure of water that is flowing from one place to another in a water pipeline. These pumps are often used in pipelines to add pressure to move the liquid along to the next pump or to its final destination at the end of the pipeline. They are employed in many varied applications and may be used in combination by vertical high pressure pumps or submersible pumps to further boost the pressure. We offer Peripheral booster Pump and Jet Booster Pump with the brand name Blairs and Damon which is very high quality.

BOOSTER PUMPS working function?

The majority of centrifugal pumps, relying upon one otherwise more impellers to draw the pumped fluid into the intake of the pump and to boost its pressure as the water pass through the impeller and the volute or diffuser casing. Booster Pump has AUTO SPIN which is coupled with an ELECTRONIC FLOW SWITCH it makes the electric pump start when detecting a minimum fluid dropping movement into the pipe. AUTO SPIN Pumps shutdown suitably internally when the flow has been interrupted from 10 to 180 seconds. It protects against the dry running, standard interval 60 min/4 attempts. There are also multi-stage configurations involving more than one impeller, which are used to deliver higher heads such as would be required to move water up to substantially higher elevations or through much longer pipelines.


Moving water with high pressure
Pumping with high Pressure water up through a high-rise building
Commercial and industrial purpose


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