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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Working function of Centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps are classified as rotary dynamic or “kinetic” type of pumps in which a dynamic pressure is developed which enables the lifting of liquids from a low datum height source to a higher position. It consists of a shaft-driven impeller inside of a casing and a motor. The impeller rotates inside the casing. The basic principle on which a centrifugal pump works is that when a certain mass of liquid is made to rotate by an external force, it is thrown away from the central axis of rotation and a centrifugal head is impressed which enables it to rise to a higher level. A centrifugal pump is able to provide much higher flow rates than a standard positive displacement pump.

The main components of Centrifugal pump.

Impeller is a wheel or rotor which is attached through a series of backward curved blades. It is mounted on a shaft which is coupled to an external source of energy which imparts the required energy to the impeller thereby making it to rotate.

Casing is an airtight chamber which surrounds the impeller. It is similar to the casing of a reaction turbine.

Suction Pipe is a pipe which is connected at its upper end to the inlet of the pump or to the center of the impeller which is commonly known as eye. The lower end of the suction pipe dips into liquid in a suction tank or a sump from which the liquid is to be pumped or lifted up.

Delivery Pipe is a pipe which is connected at its lower end to the outlet of .the pump and it delivers the liquid to the required height. Just near the outlet of the pump on the delivery pipe a delivery valve is invariably provided.

A 'foot valve' is a non-return or one-way type of valve which opens only in the upward direction. As such the liquid will pass through the foot valve only upwards and it will not allow the liquid to move downwards back to the sump.

Applications for a Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are used for an extensive variety of applications. They are used in medical appliances, welding machinery, transformer cooling, fuel supply, drinking water supply and waste water supply.

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